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Winchester Lock N Load  Canadian Semen Rights

13 Feb 2019 Polled

Introducing for the 2021 Breeding Season

RBM Fargo Y111.jpg
Turnbull's Elite 322E.jpg

RBM Fargo Y111  

5 Jan 2011 Homo Polled

CE: 5.3  BW: 2.9  WW: 64  YW: 132 M: 23 TM: 55 


Homozygous polled Fargo is a proven sire with exceptional smoothness, tremendous muscle shape and weaning and yearling growth in the top 10% of the breed. Fargo will improve feet, natural muscle and shape in the females. 

Turnbull's Elite 322E

6 Mar 2017 Homo Polled

CE: 8.4  BW: -3.6  WW: 53  YW: 107 M: 27 TM: 53 

Homozygous polled Pleasant Dawn MVP son that will add thickness and remarkable muscle shape. His strong pedigree provides some of the highest weaning and yearling weights in the Canadian Charolais Herdbook


LT Authority 7229 Pld 

17 Mar 2014 Polled

CE: 9.0 BW: -1.6  WW: 41  YW: 75 M: 25 TM: 46

lt affinity 6221 pld- mature.JPG

LT Affinity 6221 Pld

10  Mar 2016 Polled

CE: 9.4  BW: -0.3  WW: 36  YW: 76 M: 25 TM: 46

Affinity will add depth, width, flank and scrotal with excellent pigment. Five generations of high udder score females highlight Affinity's pedigree. Affinity was the Lindskov-Thiel Ranch 2017 Bull sale high seller at $100,000. 


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