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Hawkeye Land and Livestock Ltd

Hawkeye Land and Livestock Ltd. specializes in exporting cattle to various countries around the world.

In the fall of 2011 we completed a shipment of 300 purebred Charolais heifer calves and 20 bull calves to the Agrofirm Dievsky farm in Kazahkstan. We also completed another purbred Charolais shipment in the fall of 2012, consisiting of 237 heifers and 13 bull calves to Timofeyvick, Kazakhstan. The investors involved in these projects decided to source calves from Canada because of our superiour genetics and breeding programs matched their demand for cattle with good growth, good performance, good productivity and high yielding carcasses. Another resason the investors chose to purchase Canadian calves is that our prairie climate and large herd handling facilities are similar to operations in Kazakhstan.

We would like to thank all of the Canadian Charolais Breeders that supplied calves for these projects. These export projects create opportunity for Canadian beef producers as they allow us to showcase our superior Canadian beef cattle and their genetics. As every effort is made to ensure that these animals meet the requirements for the investors it increases the chance that they will return to Canada to source their next shipment and in turn help maintain our cattle market. We feel that there is great potential for more sales to countries like Kazakhstan as they want to increase their cattle production to match the growing consumer demands for beef.

If you are interested in participating in future projects or would like more information please give Garner a call.

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